Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Frequency, how often, and wavelength

Here I am, right on time for my next not quite weekly blog post. I recently watched the movie Frequency on DVD. I have to admit that, while it is one of my favorite movies, I had to watch it in two sittings as I fell asleep part way through the first attempt. As I sat down to write this entry I was thinking about how often I'd like to post versus how often I actually do post. I realized it doesn't matter how often I have something to say as much as that I post when I have something to share.

That brings me to my the second meaning of frequency: wavelength. I have many times thought that I wasn't on the same wavelength as those around me, but I realize that at this point in my life I have a lot of good friends to whom I can express what I am thinking without worry that they won't dismiss my thoughts without regard. It's a good feeling to know that your input matters.

I am especially glad that I found a lady that I can always talk to. I don't know how some husbands and wives can exist in their relationship without thinking of their spouse as their best friend above all others on this earth. I know there are things that my wife may not enjoy as much as do (mainly the geekier things in life), but she always is interested in hearing what I have to say. I value her ear and her opinion.

I think that I will have to start posting something to generate more comments and interaction. Isn't that what a blog is for?


Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

I had thought to write on other topics, but at the moment I'm just very happy to think of the time I get to spend with my wife today at lunch. During the time we were dating we regularly went to a local chain of Chinese resturants together. I think remembering that, eating there again, and enjoying having our children with us will be a great way to spend lunch on Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Granddad, Future

Now that I have your expectations lowered as to just how often I'll be posting here, I think we can continue.

Actually, I have been busy lately. If you are one who also reads my wife's blog then you know I'm not thrilled with my current employment.

On more pleasant topics the boys where very awake this morning. I think they quickly realized something was different when Daddy was in bed with them both instead of Momma. They both must have slept very well, but I think BL and I could both use naps!

It looks to be a busy weekend here. My Mom is coming in for a vist with, I hope, my Grandmother. I really enjoy getting to spend time with my family, and I don't get to see my extended family often enough. I know my boys will have fun with Mamaw and GG-ma here to see how they've grown and changed since we were visiting last.

Yesterday marked a month since my Grandfather died in a car accident on the way home from a funeral. I thought a lot about my Grandfather this weekend, as friday was 4 weeks since he died also. I am so extremely thankful that I know I will see him in heaven someday. I don't know how people who don't have the assurance of knowing what will happen deal with thoughts about the end of their lives. I'm also thankful for my friends and family who are a great help and encouragement when times are hard.

My Grandfather was an awesome christian and a great man to know. His church, the church I was baptised in as a baby, celebrated its 40th anniversary this past Sunday. I am told that much of the program seemed to make mention of him and what memories the three pastors who were there had of my Grandfather. I'm proud to think of the influence and impact my Granddad had while he was here on this earth. I only hope I can make him proud of me by the time he sees me again.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I have often thought about starting a journal of sorts, now I'll take the chance on doing it online.

Here you will find out what goes on in the mind and heart of a husband, father of two sons, and, in his own mind at least, sometimes knight.

I'll be letting my friends know about this blog, so we'll see how deep into the knight we get....