Friday, March 03, 2006

Long Time No Post... Updates

Great news on the mom front. There was no sign of tumor on MRI on Wednesday. Doctor wants mom to get up and be more active.

Not good news on the mom front. Thursday (Yesterday) she went to the emergency room and found out she had a ??Kidney?? Tract infection. I think my grandma meant a urinary tract infection. Also, she has some sort of tension issue in her neck. Antibiotics and another pain med prescribed... I think she needs to follow the advice from Wednesday also....

In talking to G-ma, I asked her to tell mom that we want to take her (mom) to the zoo in a couple of weekends, but that we might settle for the city park if she didn't feel up to going to the Little Rock zoo.

My wife is happy about a surprise I gave her last night. I am very much enjoying what a change in my job has done to our budget.

We've called off the heavy house hunting for a bit, as the company we work for had some layoffs. We want to be wise in where we are when we do make that jump, but we don't think our jobs are threatened at this point.

I may have a part in the Easter drama at church, I get to read for a part on Sunday.

I think that's all for right now, maybe I can do better here in the future.