Friday, July 01, 2005

Marking Time - Anniversaries

I figured out that I wanted to be more than a friend to the woman who is now my wife on this day, not long after midnight. We were out celebrating her birthday (yesterday) and had started holding hands during the late showing of a movie and the local cineplex. I met her for the first time less than a month before, but we had talked online for several months before I accepted a job in her area.

Our sons just woke up from their nap, so I will finish this later. We are going to their grandparents house to have a birthday supper for my wife.

Well, it's later than I thought, the next day in fact. We just got out of the pool and the boys are getting baths before naptime. Here's a picture of my wife from the time I described above:

This is actually a shot Raleigh took in an internet cafe in Scotland. She was away for 5 weeks starting 5 days after we started dating. It was tough being apart when we were just getting started, but I think it helped us to learn more about each other. The time apart also showed us how much we cared for each other already.