Friday, March 11, 2005

Happy Geek

How much fun is it to have something you've wanted for a while? How much more fun is it to get 3 or 4 things you've wanted for a while? Yes, all the items I mentioned in my previous post have arrived, and I'm having fun!

The hard drive and enclosure arrived on Wednesday. I have wanted a larger, faster portable storage device ever since I figured out how cool it was to have the SD cards and USB Cruzer from Sandisk. I really like having things at hand no matter where I am. I really miss my Palm Zire 71! I have hopes of using the money from the hard drive rebate to remedy my PDA woes. A new mainboard for the Zire is only $69.

The digital camera arrived around 12:30 PM on Thursday. I must admit I was nervous about this one. I had forgotten my wife wanted to talk more about this item before I purchased it, so I ordered it before we got a chance to talk about it. However, as you can see on her post yesterday, I think I escaped the woes of a bad impulse buy. Kudos go to my buddy WirelessMike for his research and recommendation of the Pentax Optio S40.

The last item to arrive, somewhat surprisingly was the DVD-RW from ZipZoomFly. I have not done much more that put it in it's new home, but I have large plans for the utility of this little device. VHS to DVD transfers anyone?

To top off my almost-end-of-week fun, I managed to correct two issues I was having with my machine at home. Tower, as it's known, is now talking nicely with the HP PSC 2210 multi-function printer we bought a while back, AND Tower now is able to communicate and entertain with the correction of the sounds problems it was having.

As you wonder why I capitalize Tower instead of saying, "my tower case" let me say that it's currently the most capable machine in our small collection, so it's the Tower of BlueKeep. More on BlueKeep later, for now it's my web site that has been out of public view for a while.


Jayleigh said...

Is Tower self-aware yet? Shall we call it sky-net Tower? hehe

Glad your sweet wife is happy with the camera purchase.

Have a great week!!!

BlueKnightWriter said...

Not quite yet, but stay tuned ;).

Kardien said...

sky-net vs hal9000 vs neuromancer...

which one gets the most FPS in Quake?