Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Proud moments for a geek daddy

My wife and I on IM (edited for privacy):

(12:38:38) (BlueLady): oh my goodness
(12:38:43) (BlueKnightWriter): ?
(12:39:37) (BlueLady): I have the TRU web page opened and (our older son) recognizes it! "Toys R Us, mama. That's Toys or Us dot com." that's exactly what he said!
(12:39:55) (BlueKnightWriter): Oh my goodness!
(12:40:00) (BlueKnightWriter): holy crap even!
(12:40:06) (BlueLady): LOL
(12:40:12) (BlueKnightWriter): Proud geek daddy here
(12:40:14) (BlueLady: he's soooo smart!!!
(12:40:17) (BlueLady): LOL

See, that time spent at the Sesame Street website pays off!



Green3ggsNSam said...

ROTFL - Oh gosh! that's too funny! Your son is surfing the web, and mine is burning copies of Veggie Tales CDs at school. What next?

Jayleigh said...

I love it!