Friday, March 04, 2005

Tax shopping

Federal Tax return is in! I get to have some fun shopping for the geek side.

I will update this post with what I settle on buying.

I have a budget of $500.

UPDATE: I have officially come in under budget (by about 3-4 dollars!).


I am excited about the hard drive and enclosure from So far, that's the only package that is showing to have shipped, but, as WaWaDigital isn't the best at far as customer experience goes, I don't know what the status of the Digital Camera is.

ZipZoomFly is Performing excellently as is I have to say, if the rebate goes through properly on the hard drive I'll be very happy, even if I did miss the rebate on the hard drive enclosure.

All I have to say about WaWaDigital is they seem to be well named. If you don't watch out the experience may leave you in tears. I didn't stop and research better, so I am paying $59 for a rechargable battery that I do not need to get started with the camera. This prevented me from getting parts I need to fix my Palm Zire 71, so that I'd have a decent PDA again, and incidentally another digital camera.

Pentax Optio S40 Digital Camera$174.90 $235
Seagate 200GB ST3200822A-RK UATA100 8MB Buffer Hard Drive
$119.99, $69.99 after mail in rebate
Kingwin 3.5" USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure

$34.99, $19.99 after rebate
NEC ND-3520A 16X Double Layer DVD±RW Bare Drive (Black) ***Free 2nd Day*** $59.99



LeperColony said...

Nice haul.

Anonymous said...

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